The casual guild on Nethergarde Keep

One shall not bother others, one shall be nice and kind, otherwise one may do as one pleases. Be considerate of your actions, and your interactions with other players, from both factions.


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MC/ONY/ZG/AQ20 /BWL on farm.
AQ40 6/9

We are a casual guild, and this is reflected in our raiding. We dont aim to be the fastest or the best, but want everyone to have a good time while we get to see what content is available.

Our raid days are every:
Thursday (19:30 ST)
Sunday (19:15 ST)

Raiding until TBC
Normally we use CEPGP system for raiding and gearing. This system will provide an honest distribution of loot for people that are consistently raiding in <Pulse>.
To keep things simple in the raids before TBC, we have decided to put the CEPGP system on a hold. All the points will be frozen, and we might continue it in TBC but that’s not decided yet. As a consequence we will also open up the loot priority’s. This means that it will be SR > MS > OS in the coming raids, without any priorities.

We are preparing for TBC and when the time comes <Pulse> wants to help and level together on the journey to level 70. We will help each other out to get all the attunements for the raids with no rush.

If you are looking to venture on a journey with a bunch of casual rascals and dad jokes that are so bad, they'll make you feel young again, <Pulse> is the place to go!


Pulse use the Classic Guild Bank addon for managing guild banks.
You will need to register to use the site. Please create a display name corresponding with your mains character name

No addon required, only website for checking bank inventory and requsting items


Guild master: Oombaar
Raid leader: Slammy
Healing assignments: Catar
Officer: Kêri
Officer: Zuman
Officer: Yüegung