About Pulse

One shall not bother others, one shall be nice and kind, otherwise one may do as one pleases. Be considerate of your actions, and your interactions with other players, from both factions.


We are currently looking for more people to join our endgame runs. Most of the people in Pulse are adults with work and/or kids. We are a social guild and focus on a good community. Many of us have roots in vanilla raiding guilds, and have an establish raid team. Looking for a active and friendly place with lots of fun? Why not give us a try :)

For our raid team, we are currently searching:

  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Restoration Druid

End game

  • Loot distibution: We use a dkp/epgp inspired loot distribution system. We use /roll command to "roll" for items, however the roll value is only used to break ties if people have same LP.
  • Loot priority: We use a combination of council, class divide and LP. We will prioritize MT / OT for some items that will clearly help us do better as a team. We will also prioritize roles / classes for some items (eg dps vs heal). Mainly loot is prioritized by standing LP. Our goal is to strengthen the team as a whole, and not any single person. We believe wide loot distribution is better than gearing up single people.
  • Loot system: Master loot.
  • BOE guidelines: In guild organized runs, all end game BOE that is not needed by attendies will be sent to guild bank for distribution. Same goes for BOP disenchants.
  • Meet on time for runs: You are expected to meet up on time, or before a run starts. No one likes to wait.
  • Preparations: You are expected meet prepared for runs. This involve knowing strategies and have the proper pots. The guild would love to help out, but it needs to happen in good time before the run starts.
  • Disputes: There will always be some disputes, and everyone can make mistakes. We want to have an open tone and encourage to talk things over as early as possible. Even a tiny rock in the shoe will make you bleed over time. So, talk, include yourself, be heared. We care! Keep a calm tone and try to find solutions. And remember there is always two sides of the story, so also remember to forgive :)
  • Language: We are a social guild, and we ask you to keep a civil tone. It is easy to lash out on the internets, but we are better than that, are we not?
  • Structure: All tho some structure is needed, we have a fairly flat structure. Any single person have just as much say as the next one, independent of rank. Officers are here to help, not to be "bosses". We do have some roles, and a good example is when raid leader says what to do, we follow, and we can talk about it later if we have disputes. But we can not hold the raid back to sort all instantly.
  • Other people attending: If we have other people outside the guild attending, the item is raid rolled. If noone needs, they master looter rolls for greed. The roll is 1 to number of attendies. If the roll is higher than the number of Pulse members attending, the person wins the roll. Eg: 20 people run, 18 Pulse members, two others. The loot master /roll 1-20. If the roll is 19 or 20, that person wins. This applies only for guild organized runs. If you as a member start a run we suggest using normal group loot.
  • EP/CP/GP/LP formula: GP = 0.483 * pow(2, (ilvl + 80) / 20 + (rarity - 4)) * slotmod

    slotmod = Two-Hand: 2. Shoulder, Hands, Waist, Feet, Trinket: 0,75. Wrist, Neck, Back, Finger: 0,5. Rest: 1.

    rarity = wow rarity value

  • Offspec has a 75% discount.