The casual guild on Nethergarde Keep

One shall not bother others, one shall be nice and kind, otherwise one may do as one pleases. Be considerate of your actions, and your interactions with other players, from both factions.


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Now recruiting:

We are currently recruiting:

  • Rogue

  • Hunters

  • Mage

  • Healers (priests and druids)


Karazhan (10/11)
Gruul (2/2)
Magtherion (1/1)

We are a casual guild, and this is reflected in our raiding. We dont aim to be the fastest or the best, but want everyone to have a good time while we get to see what content is available.

Raiding times
Our raid days are every:
Thursday (19:30 ST)
Sunday (19:15 ST)

We will help each other out to get all the attunements for the raids with no rush.

We plan to do phase 2 raids as soon as we help people getting attuned.

If you are looking to venture on a journey with a bunch of casual rascals and dad jokes that are so bad, they'll make you feel young again, <Pulse> is the place to go!

In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact an officer, or contact Slammy and/or Oombaar ingame or at our Discord


Guild master: Oombaar
Raid leader: Slammy
Healing assignments: Catar
Officer: Kêri
Officer: Zuman
Officer: Yüegung